Some may find it easy to pinpoint exactly where they want to build their new home, start with a clean slate, and live there for the rest of their lives. Perhaps, all of us can easily imagine what a dream place could be—near a beautiful, white-sandy beach, in the middle of a peaceful farm, or in a modern urban jungle with countless career opportunities.

It’s easy to say “I want to move there. It’s my dream place.” But when a couple of considerations, sometimes complicated ones, come into play, you’ll realize how challenging it is to choose that one perfect location from the list you have in mind. In one place, you have excellent healthcare and education for your family, and in another, you get your ideal sceneries, landscape and outdoor activities, but minus the career opportunities you went to college for.

If you’re thinking about starting a new chapter in North Carolina, what awaits do you think awaits you there if you choose among homes for sale in Raleigh NC?


Property Costs and Taxes are Relatively Affordable than Other Advancing Cities

Even though it is expected that the prices of real estate properties in Raleigh will continue increasing in the next few years as more people move there for career and education, housing costs and taxes are still relatively affordable than in other major cities in the United States.

North Carolina is also home to research and technology centers, similar to San Francisco. But as compared to San Francisco, the cost of living in Raleigh is definitely cheaper. So, it’s actually a win-win—you live the wonderful southern lifestyle in a place with an urban touch.


Job Market is Great for Research, Education, Healthcare and IT Professionals

The major job opportunities in Raleigh are anything related to research, education, healthcare, and information technology. And so, if you are a professional in any of these mentioned disciplines looking to relocate, Raleigh would be one of the good choices to find a new job or business opportunity.

Stats also reveal that Raleigh has low unemployment rates which also shows that you’ll have big chances of landing a job there. The average annual salary is more or less $52,000. So, that’s indeed pretty good to cover basic expenses, taxes, savings, entertainment, and getaways.   

Educational Opportunities Make it an Ideal Place to Raise Kids

Raleigh has been often considered as a place that exudes a youthful vibe, literally. On most days of the week, you’ll see streets filled with young people. One of the reasons is that each year, many students move to Raleigh to study at North Carolina State University to pursue courses in biology, engineering or agriculture.

Aside from college opportunities, Raleigh also offers several public and private grade schools and high schools. Easy access to many schools makes the region an ideal place to raise kids. What’s more, in Raleigh, learning opportunities don’t end within the four corners of the classroom. Museums, galleries, and studios are also part of the attractions that allow families to learn about art, culture, and history. Artists and artists-wannabes would surely love it here!


Safe Community Overall

Of course, every place in this world isn’t totally safe from bad guys out there. Circumstances change easily over time. But when choosing a place for yourself and your family, you’d certainly choose to buy a home in a location with low crime rates. The good news is, Raleigh is generally a safe community. This is why you’ll enjoy exploring the outdoors more. Speaking of which, be sure to check this out on your next visit to Raleigh:


You’ll Drool Over Lots of Food Choices

Raleigh isn’t the best place for you if you’re on a strict diet. You’ll never run out of new cafes and restaurants to try on weekends! What we love about it is that the region boasts of farm-grown produce that is served fresh on the table at a resto, or you can buy at the local market for your own consumption at home. Whether you are a vegan or a meat-lover, there are lots of food choices you’ll think are made especially for your taste buds.




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