Why Canadians prefer International Gaming Operators to Local Sites


Canada is globally renowned for being one of the most relaxed, beautiful, and culturally diverse countries in the world. Besides all of the fun and exciting activities that people can enjoy, the internet has brought a whole new world of entertainment right to Canadians doorsteps. People across the world have always shown a keen interest in gambling and trying their luck, and Canadians are no exception to this rule. However, it seems that the conditions in the country have presented International gaming operators with an opportunity that is too good to miss and has made these international operators millions in revenue. Here are some of the factors that have contributed to the significant success of global Online Casino operators in Canada in recent years

Relaxed Laws

Although gambling, online or otherwise, has been generally deemed illegal in Canada, the laws in the country are quite relaxed. The governmental structure of Canada is quite similar to that of the United States, where individual states have been given the power to pass certain practices into law or not. Canada’s gambling industry growth is also controlled on a state or region, basis. Gambling has been legalized in certain states according to licenses that are issued by the state. However, it seems that Canadian players have grown used to international casino gaming sites and are reluctant to part ways. Considering that nobody in Canada has ever been arrested or prosecuted for making use of these sites further cements how relaxed the rules in Canada are and the degree of the gray area that International Gambling providers operate in. International online casinos can be accessed from anywhere in the country, making this offering convenient and easily accessible to most.

Online Convenience

Relaxed laws make it easy for Operators to target Canadian clients but there are also factors in play that convince Canadian players to choose international sites. Land-based gambling has been legalized in all states in Canada, but online gambling has only been approved for a selected Canadian online casino operators such as Espace Jeux in Quebec or OLG in Ontario. This leaves Canadian players with very few choices and a pretty limited, traditional product offering that is less competitive due to restrictions by law, if at all available online from their respective location. International gambling operators have identified this gap in the market and have offered Canadian players the opportunity to enjoy online casino gaming that is convenient, quick, exciting, and does not require players to leave their homes to have a good time.

Wider Variety

Another reason that Canadian players choose to remain loyal to international casino sites is the diverse and wide range of gaming genres on offer. International operators make millions of dollars in revenue each yet by servicing a growing global clientele well. This means that Canadian players are exposed to hundreds of games, that are of premium quality, on international sites. The licensed gambling industry in Canada is still in its infancy, whereas international operators have years of experience in catering to all players by providing gaming that suits their needs and interests.  As a result of this, Canadian players get to enjoy international favorites as well as specialty games that have been specifically designed to appeal to Canadian gamblers such as online Bingo or lottery.

Better Promotions and Bonus Offers

International online casinos in Canada are part of a fiercely competitive industry that is prone to fluctuations in market share. In order for operators to gain, and maintain, a particular market share casino sites have to offer something unique and valuable to potential and existing members, such as promotions or bonus offers. Casino operators could give away free spins, match bonuses, deposit bonuses, or even welcome packages that might not seem like much for each player, but eventually, these offers do come at a great cost. Players who enjoy international casino sites are often the biggest winners in the whole ordeal, with casino promotional cash and other perks resulting in more hours of fun, and lucrative gameplay. Licensed establishments in Canada are unlikely to be able to provide players with similar perks or advantages. This leads to players feeling a greater sense of loyalty towards international operators and what is used to builds trust between online casinos and members.


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