Why Bitbuy should be Favorite Crypto in Canada


Canada has witnessed an increase in investors and traders in the crypto market. In 2020, the emerging crypto market witnessed a 112 percent growth in trade. It is in this growth that Bitbuy has established itself as a trusted cryptocurrency in Canada. The crypto was launched in 2013 as InstaBt but was later rebranded as Bitbuy.

Bitbuy allows users to buy, sell, withdraw and deposit cryptocurrencies on-site using a single interface. Bitbuy’s mission is to ensure Canadians have easy access to Over-Counter brokerage and better trading options.

Bitbuy is upgrading its platform soon making it feel and look secure. New features that will be added include an automated sign-up and on-board process. A Gold account status, faster login experience, faster instante e-transfers, and enhanced authentication options.
Bitbuy just like other cryptos charges a low fee while making deposits or withdrawals in Canadian dollars. Bitbuy caters to Express Trade and Pro Trade, thus suitable for crypto beginners.

Pro Trade enables traders to access the trading platform at a low fee of 0.1 percent maker fee and a 0.2 percent taker fee. Express Trade on the other hand charges a 0.2 percent fee on every crypto trade. These platforms are better for both beginners and advanced traders.
Another advantage of Bitbuy is that its wallet allows users to see their holding across currencies. Bitbuy holds 95 percent of users’ funds in cold storage to ensure they are more secure. The platform being updated will be even more secure.

Bitbuy is registered with the Financial Transactions and Report Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) which detects and prevents money laundering, terrorist activity among other threats. Bitbuy is also able to secure users’ assets using a hardware wallet.

Investors looking to purchase Bitbuy can do so either in BTC, ETH, XLM, LTC. BCH, ECOS, and XRP on the authorized platform.

Bitbuy is dedicated to building trust with its customers, to do so, the platform ensures users have a transparent and safe experience. They conduct regular Proof of Reserve audit in part of building the trust.

Bitbuy is now well established in the Canadian crypto market and with two trading options. Its low trading fee and a secure wallet among other services make it the favorite crypto for amateur and professional traders. Bitbuy is not only accessible by desktop, a mobile application allows users to carry out trading on their phones.


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