Why An RCMP Officer on P.E.I. Wanted to Pay Tribute to Comrade Killed in Saskatchewan


On Sunday, a group of approximately 15 RCMP officers, paramedics, and firefighters congregated in Stratford, P.E.I., to pay tribute to RCMP Const. Shelby Patton.

Patton who was 26, passed away in the line of duty on June 12. RCMP claim Patton passed on after being hit by a stolen truck in the course of an attempted traffic stop in the region of Wolseley, Sask.

Cpl. Mike Lutley, who arranged for the tribute on Sunday, was a facilitator in the Applied Police Sciences Department in Regina when Patton was just a cadet in 2014.

Lutley said,

“I have a lot of fond memories of Const. Patton.”

“He was the baby of the troop. He went through at 19 years old and obviously that was just six years ago.

“It’s tough any time anyone passes away in our organization. But it’s especially tough this time for me with the personal connection. And that’s why today I felt that we needed to do something small, small for him there in memory of Const. Patton.”

Patton was assigned to Indian Head, Sask., however, he and Lutley were able to stay in contact. Lutley claimed that first responders are one big family, and it’s hard when anyone within the organization passes away.

RCMP were unable honour Patton nationally with the regimental funeral, nonetheless, they wanted to do something locally.

Lutley stated,

“Any time that we can show our support and unity together, we do so. And I can tell you I made one phone call today to the fire department and they were so happy to be able to try to help.”

“And the same thing with Island EMS, you know, they were willing to send out as many people as they could, but unfortunately, due to our COVID restrictions, we had to limit that today.”

Lutley noted his thoughts are with Patton’s family.

In connection to Patton’s death, two individuals from Manitoba face charges of failure to stop after an accident resulting in death, manslaughter, theft of a motor vehicle and possession of stolen property over $5,000.


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