Why a great profile picture is so important


by Wanda Malfara

If you knew you had about 2 seconds for people to decide to do business with you….or not! – wouldn’t you do everything you could to maximize those 2 seconds? How you choose to introduce yourself in that tiny little square on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms says everything to a potential client, employer or partner.Wanda Malfara photography

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First things first – do you have a profile picture? You’re spending time connecting with people but they can’t see you. Chances are all your qualifications and accomplishments are for nought if they can’t see a face to trust and connect with.

Secondly – what kind of picture are you using for your profile?
You may have a cute dog or cat but their picture does not belong on your profile picture. Whether you use a selfie or a professional headshot – you need to be in that square.

So now you’ve decided to get that profile picture done and uploaded to all your sites. How do you do it. What lighting and background is best? What clothes should you wear? What about make-up and hair and colours and cropping and….and… here are some guidelines.

Take some time to think about the image you want to project. Not just today but a few years from now too.
Choose your clothes, hair and make-up according to your branding. If you’re an IT executive you don’t want to be in a little tank top and a ponytail. Seek professional guidance if you’re not sure.

Decide if an iPhone and an outstretched arm will put you in the best light or if it’s time to invest in a professional portrait. Flattering angles, professional lighting, appropriate cropping and image retouching can take your pictures to a much higher level.

In this era of social media competition, an image management session and personal portrait photoshoot can produce profile shots for Facebook and Twitter that could double as covers of Vogue – effectively, glamour selfies. And not just for profile pictures. These images can be used all over your website and marketing materials.

Within 2 seconds, ensure your business picture is drawing business to you and not driving it away!

Always put your best face forward.

Wanda is a professional portrait photographer. From professional headshots to fashion and glamour inspired portraits, Wanda Malfara Photography Studio always puts your best face forward!