While Other University Shift To Mandatory Immunization, Quebec’s Health Ministry Says Mandates Unnecessary


As student prepare for the fall, some have said they would like to see some kind of COVID-19 measure or immunization mandate.

The health ministry said last week post-secondary learners would not be mandated to have their masks on or exercise physical distancing an immunization would not be a requirement. But some activities will be off-limits for those students who haven’t fully immunized.

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Last Thursday, the health ministry said COVId-19 vaccines will not be a must for CEGEP and University students, adding that access to classes is essential.

But they added that the health ministry may add additional preventive measures in institutions where immunization is deemed insufficient.

A few universities have elected to have additional measures in place; University de Montreal and McGill will require their students to have their masks on at all times.

Spokesperson for Concordia said they will continue following government directives and would not make immunization mandatory.