Where can I volunteer on the West Island? Volunteer West Island can help


What can I do to make a difference in MY community?
Consider becoming a volunteer!

Volunteer work helps EVERYONE!

Volunteer work can hone skills you already have, enable you to develop new ones and discover abilities you didn’t know you possessed. Skills acquired through volunteering are transferable to the workplace and can increase your level of employability in today’s competitive job market where employers demand new hires be well-rounded, community-minded workers with ample volunteer experience.

Volunteer work increases confidence and provides a sense of satisfaction.

Volunteer work gives much-needed assistance to local non-profit community organizations offering crucial services to residents. Volunteer involvement also results in positive outcomes for volunteers: references, helpful contacts, pertinent work experience, and sometimes even offers of employment.

To volunteer please visit the Volunteer West Island Web site www.cabvwi.org and click on the VOLUNTEER HERE tab on the Front Page to complete the volunteer form. A VWI Volunteer Coordinator will get in touch with you within two business days to discuss your interests and availability.

Volunteerism strengthens the fabric of a community. Get involved! Encourage volunteering and help make YOUR community a better place to live, work, and play!


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