When Skunks Move In


When skunks move in these pesky beasts will only build a nest in an existing hole, squeezing into spaces as small as 4 inches in diameter – so the best means of keeping skunks at bay is by blocking all holes in your yard.  Without such an opening, the fluffy but occasionally smelly mammals will take up residence elsewhere.  A fence around areas of the house, deck or shed can also keep skunks away, as long as it is sunk at least one foot into the ground.

If skunks have already moved in, the most environmentally friendly and humane solution is to call a trapper who will capture the animals and release them in a safe place.  The procedure is expensive, however, it can cost about $800 to move a family of skunks.  Mothballs and various sprays rarely yield the desired results.  

If, before departing, one of these furry black and white creatures happens to spray a family member or your pet, the following trapper’s concoction is said to be more effective than tomato juice in eliminating the unpleasant scent:

  1. If the face has been affected, rinse it quickly with clean water
  2. A bath with water and vinegar is recommended
  3. Rub the body with the solution below and leave it in the hair for 15-30 minutes.                                        
    • 2 cups of 3% hydrogen peroxide
    • 2 tsp of baking soda
    • 1 tsp of dishwashing soap
    • 1 tsp of eucalyptus oil 
  4. Then, wash hair with shampoo and the body with soap
  5. In the case of a pet, massage the solution into its coat and let sit for 30 minutes. Bathe the pet with shampoo and rinse thoroughly. 

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