Wheelchair-bound Thief Swipes $5K from Rivers Casino in Audacious Heist


Police in Pittsburgh are on a high alert this week, following an audacious theft at the popular Rivers Casino. The thief, quite notably confined to an electric wheelchair, managed to pilfer approximately five thousand dollars straight off the casino floor.

The stolen sum, won by a dedicated slot machine player on the 8th of March, had fortuitously rolled out of the winner’s pocket, and found itself temporarily abandoned on the floor. Despite remaining engrossed in the slot machines, the winner remained obliviously unaware of his fallen fortune.

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Contained in a loose stack of $100 bills, the cash sat unnoticed, that is, until the unsuspected thief happened upon it. Wedged behind the winner’s chair, the loot awaited its fate. Making his move, the suspect snatched up the stack of money before hastily departing from the humming life of the casino floor.

Described as a white male somewhere between the ages of 50 and 60, the wheelchair-bound thief remains unnamed. Interestingly so does his victim, a man hailing from Westlake, Texas.

Meanwhile, further South, law enforcement officers have been battling another form of gambling-related crime. Taking to the daunting task of raiding illegal gambling establishments, officers from the Rowan County Sheriff’s office in North Carolina recently managed the seizure of a hefty bounty of illicit goods and money from two local businesses.

The locations, known as Shark Tank on Statesville Boulevard, Salisbury, and VIP2 on Highway 801, Woodleaf, had both earned a notorious reputation for harboring illicit activities. Violent incidents, firearm charges, and a sprinkling of drug-related crimes had prompted the police to secure official approval for investigations.

Sheriff of Rowan County, Travis Allen, explained that these locations were the hotbeds for various criminal activities, with a record of daring robberies, assaults, and even occasional accursed shootings. Allen declared that a mission to shut down all illegal gambling activities was underway, and any offender operating illegally in Rowan County had effectively been put on notice.

The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office, armed with the assistance of multiple officers, specially trained dogs, and a BearCat SWAT vehicle, took part in the intimidating raid. Midway through the operation, they managed to nab a felon armed with a firearm.

In the process, they seized a laundry list of illegal items, including three semi-automatic pistols, approximately $67,670 in cash, and a multitude of computer-related paraphernalia, including 116 computers 111 computer monitors, as well as five dedicated gambling devices. Additionally, six fish games tables and two money counters were found.

The raid culminated with the culprits facing charges and the owners of the businesses receiving cease and desist letters, thereby giving a clear message about law enforcement’s intolerance for illicit activities. As the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office continues its efforts, they serve a stark reminder to all businesses operating outside of North Carolina Law: the law is watching.