What would you do in the event of an chemical explosion in a near by city????


by Rhonda Massad

Here is a link explaining that residents living within a certain radius of a nuclear plant in Canada need to have pills to protect them from nuclear toxic absorption in the event of an emergency.

 I have asked the city of Beaconsfield to take precautions in the event of an emergency at a local plant in a near by city that regularly has more than a million liters of styrene on site in railway cars along with what is stored in their reservoirs. Styrene is highly explosive and extremely toxic when inhaled or handled.

 I would like to be aware of how to proceed in the event of an explosion of this plant in particuler.  I would like a notice sent to all residents of the area so we all nkow exactly what to do in this situation.  Should we stay in doors – seal the house? Should we get out asap?

 I have met with my councilor and have asked for a definite plan. I was told it is not traditional to alert the residents prior to an emergency. I feel in this case we need as much information as possible as time will be of the essence.  Keep you posted.  As of April 2015 I have not heard from council.



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