What to Do With Your Business Cards during the COVID-19 Pandemic


The pandemic of COVID-19 started in china in the last of 2019 and became a worldwide threat at the beginning of 2020. This pandemic has changed the functionalities around the world drastically. The business has switched its medium to a completely remote manner. Because of severe lockdowns around the world, not only meeting but trades are also stopped. The way of running a business has changed so does the marketing requirements. The worldwide slogan “be home be safe” has prevented the ongoing company in the cities, official meetings, seminars, and business conferences. The contacts which were made in official meetings have been minimized because of the pandemic.

These situations have affected the world economy and the system running in a city. The business owners and service providers have faced dilemmas with their working people and other things, including their marketing majors. Where business meeting has stooped the need for business cards is changing. They are still worthy of promoting your business in these ways:

Direct mail:

Contacting any company or the service provider in need is an action from the customers. But to make or hold potential customers, businesses need to create strategies and take steps. Sending your customized handyman business cards through direct mail is a good option to promote your business. Everybody wants to have updates about the world and ongoing pandemic, and many still follow the newspaper’s ritual. Sending your business card with a newspaper can help you to make some more customers and grab their attention to your services.


Postcards are a great way to convey messages with lesser content. Like pictures and little details on photographer business cards can easily attract customers. Postcards are also customizable efficiently that makes these card more useful in this pandemic situation. You can give notes to your customers or the dealers about the updates about your company events. Either invitation to a meeting r changing an event date that might be happening online can be sent to the recipient through a postcard, giving better outcomes than a message or email.

Reminders or gifts

A business card holds the contact details and other information about your company, services, or any extra features. But in this pandemic, you can use your business card for more. Sending your card as a reminder or a gift with a personalized message may help you make more loyal customers. Customers always remember good interaction with the representative along with the product or services. Now your business card can help you to interact with your customers as a trustworthy service provider.


People worry about what’s going on and what changes are happening in a company. Also, even if they do not take the service or product, for the time being, loyal customers care about the updates in a company deals and production. Pandemic is a great time to show a company’s loyalty toward the customers by sending them pamphlets and brochures. This strategy may sound exaggerated, but it can help you make more potential customers by grabbing attention in more competition and lesser opportunities.


You have changed your office or outlet, or want to open a new one, signage helps a lot to find a location. Signage is a good option to notify the customers about the change in location or working hours. Even for home or remote services, signage is a good option to display your services’ details. Signage is easily noticeable and does not directly contain any human interaction, and in this pandemic, getting the details of services can help many customers. Signage also helps vendors or workers to find some good deals.

Go digital

The strategies of the companies have changed due to the COVID conditions. The connections between companies, vendors, dealers, staff, and customers have moved on the internet. It has challenged the companies to get better within a certain limit. But it has also benefited the companies because of less printing and less waste philosophy. Now, connecting has become easier and less expensive than previously. Meeting, conferences, and seminars are going to be held virtually. The need for a business card is the same but transferred in a virtual model. Now digital business cards are helping the owners and cardholders to promote their businesses and connecting to people.


Either a digital card or other forms to connect with your customers, the need to personalize business cards is still the same.


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