What to do when your child goes Vegan on you?


By Isabelle M. Lipari

My 19-year-old daughter is just graduating at John Abbott College. In her first year, she took the course “À table: knowing what to eat”, a humanities course. At the beginning of the session, she regretted her choice because the material presented was very disturbing. The course covers current issues related to our food systems. Graphic videos of the mistreatment of animals convinced her to become Vegetarian. So 18 months ago, I had to start shopping and cooking in two separate ways, as the rest of the family was still eating meat. I have a 15-year-old son who is growing and my football player wanted his meat!

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We started off with doing two separate meals but this quickly got very time consuming and required more planning on my part. Slowly we adapted the meals and so we all started eating a little more like Sofia and a little less meat. We searched for new recipes and we got creative. Meals were more varied and included more vegetables, tofu, legumes and grains.

At the same time, my husband got a cholesterol check and it showed an increase in his bad cholesterol levels (HDL). Our doctor told us to cut down on fats, namely meat and cheese.

Next week, Sofia is going totally Vegan so that means absolutely no animal products or by-products in her food, fashion or other consumer goods! This is extremely difficult to do. We have started shopping for dairy equivalents and surprisingly we have found some great products on the shelves of our grocery stores. She says she feels healthier all around. So far, she does not present any deficiencies in her system (blood analysis results). She is taking a Vitamin B12 supplement once in a while.

My husband’s cholesterol levels are back to normal with no medications! Just plain better eating. Cutting down on meat has benefitted us all. We do feel healthier and along the way, we discovered foods we would not have tried otherwise. And last week, 15-year-old Max admitted he was kind of glad he was eating less meat and said he feels better and healthier too!

So thanks Sofia! At first you drove us crazy but thanks to you, we are eating even healthier than we already were. And without realizing it we are also helping the environment. Bovine and cattle farms produce more greenhouse gases than all transportation vehicles combined. If you don’t believe me, check out this video: cowspiracy.com.


Isabelle Lipari, President and founder of Aveolancis corporate health, author and public speaker

Isabelle has a Bachelor of Commerce, she is a certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition and Wellness specialist.

When Isabelle was only 8 years old, she lost her mother to cancer and when she turned 30, she was also diagnosed with cancer. Very early, she understood the importance of health. In 2007, she launched Aveolancis, and since then has dedicated her life mission to the promotion of health and wellness. She is the author of the book “21 days to change your lifestyle habits”.

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