What Montrealer’s Are Thinking After Election Call


As Montréal, together with the rest of the country heard that they will be having an election in under a month, many are wondering why anyone in the country would want to have an election now.

Despite a sense of apathy across the country, there are huge issued that need to be discussed before polls end on the 20th of September. Among the issues is the environment, which Daniel Belond, director of McGill’s Institute for Study of Canada, said would be the central theme during the polls.

As is usually the case in Quebec, minority rights and language will be influential. Last Sunday, Quebec’s Community Groups Networks said they would like to see candidates support English rights across the province.

The QCGN’s president, Marlene Jennings, criticized the provincial government’s move to invoke the notwithstanding clause leading to enactment of Bill 96, which would ban some employees in public sector from wearing religious regalia.

Jennings also poked holes at Bill C-32, a legislation that amends the country’s official languages Act.

It is possible the federal election might draw attention away from the municipal elections that are already underway. Montrealers are expected to vote on the 7th of November.


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