What Are the Benefits of Having Pets?


People get pets for many reasons: to improve their emotional condition, to have someone to wait for them at home, or to make a child happy. But a few people know that the benefit of having a pet is associated not only with a good mood but also with a real positive effect on your physical condition. So why should you get a pet today already?

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Benefit #1 – Stress Management

According to recent studies, pet owners recover more quickly and tolerate stress much more easily than those who do not have any pets. Scientists claim that when communicating with dogs, opioids and serotonin are produced (both in the owner and in the animal!). As a result, the person becomes calmer and happier.

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Benefit #2 – Sleep Normalization

American researchers have found that owners who sleep in the same room with their dog get much better quality sleep. At the same time, neither the breed nor the age of the dog is important. It is emphasized that the pet should sleep in the same room, but not bed. Otherwise, the effect will be negative.

Benefit #3 – Physical Activity

The lack of movement is a real problem for urban residents. But if you have a dog at home, then the problem of physical inactivity will bypass you. According to some reports, dog owners get even more physical activity than many visitors to fitness clubs as a result of daily walks with their pets. It is also worth noting that a walk with your dog brings you pleasure, unlike visiting the gym, which requires an effort of will.


Benefit #4 – Heart Condition Normalization

Researchers have found that apart from blood pressure normalization, pet owners have lowered levels of bad cholesterol and triglyceride (fats) in the blood. This greatly reduces the risk of getting diseases of the cardiovascular system. In addition, observations of patients showed that the percentage of survivors after a heart attack turned out to be the highest among pet lovers, which is another good thing to note.

Benefit #5 – Immune System Strengthening

Increased stress tolerance, improved work of the cardiovascular system, increased physical activity – all these lead to the increased body resistance to diseases. And there’s the scientific proof of the benefits of pets for human immunity. At Cambridge University, researchers found that people who have acquired a pet got an improved health condition in just 30 days after the purchase. As a result of 10 months of observation, it was found that pet owners not only normalized pressure and pulse but are also less likely to catch a cold and less prone to headaches.

Should You Get a Pet?

If you do not have any allergies and have the opportunity to take care of a pet, then we highly recommend you to buy the one. It will not only become your friend and your family member but will also positively influence your health condition.