Westminster Pool at Heart of Community for 45 Years


By: Nicholas Di Giovanni

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With barbecues and swim meets, pool brings community together every summer….

As warm sun rays reflect off vibrating water and chatter fills the air, not a single frown can be found. It’s summer at Westminster Pool.

Ask any member of the community what they enjoy most about the summer, and the answer will almost certainly be the pool. Westminster Pool has been a cornerstone of the community for 45 years. It has been a central point for anything community related, on top of hosting great aquatic athletes.

“What makes WES special isn’t just the aquatics… but what makes it special is all the community aspects,” said the President, Carlo Narducci.Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 5.04.38 PM

For over 600 members, the main events on the Westmin calendar are the swim meets and the Sunday night family barbecues. Nothing highlights the community involvement and passion for the pool more than these events.

“The top prize of Westmin is the Sunday night barbecue, and on Wednesday nights when it’s a sea of green,” Narducci added.

Every weekend at WES is capped off by a barbecue, where families enjoy barbecued dinners surrounded by their extended Westmin family. Stories are shared and jokes are told right through the evening, like any other family dinner.

Credit: Carlo Narducci

Wednesday night swim meets are not as calming as the barbecues, but still caScreen Shot 2016-06-27 at 5.05.12 PMrry the same passion and community involvement. From young to old, everybody is decked out in the official green sweaters, a staple at the pool.

The Westmin family cheers for the brave swimmers as they dash through the pool, and the support is constant through the night. The meets aren’t about winning or losing, but coming together as a community to share a common passion.

“Win, lose or whatever, the spirit is always through the roof. In two years, we’ve won one swim meet, but the spirit is still strong.”

With community events held year-round, the passion for Westmin never stops, and gets stronger every summer.

For 45 years, lifelong friendships and memories have been created at Westminster Pool, and many more will be created in the next 45 years.

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Westminster Pool is celebrating their 45th anniversary on July 3rd with carnival activities, music and food.


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