West Virginia Adoptive Parents Indicted for Severe Child Neglect


In a disturbing development from West Virginia, two minor wards were discovered, isolated and forsaken in a barn, devoid of any rudimentary facilities such as running water, sanitation or food. Astonishingly, those accused of this unprecedented neglect are none other than the children’s adoptive parents, now indicted on serious charges of felony child neglect by the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities embarked on an urgent inquiry earlier this week in response to a distressing 911 call concerning the welfare of the children. A deputy from the Sheriff’s office, responding to the urgent call, arrived at the barn situated in Sissonville, was compelled to force her way indoors to rescue a young boy and girl who were locked in a room, a mere 20-foot by 14-foot space.

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This triggering expose of severe maltreatment had a further shocking revelation. At the main house, they found another child, also sequestered and locked away in abject solitude. It was found that these children had no access to basic amenities like running water, waste disposal facilities, basic nutrition and even essentials for maintaining personal hygiene.

Arriving later at the scene, were the alleged culprits, Donald Ray Lantz and Jeanne Kay Whitefeather, both aged 61. They were subsequently apprehended and are now facing charges of gross felony child neglect.

Authorities further disclosed that Lantz and Whitefeather are adoptive parents to five children aged between 6 and 16 years. It came to light that one of the children was accompanying Lantz and Whitefeather at the time of their arrest, while another was found with a different caregiver. In light of the grave circumstances, all five children have been immediately placed under the protective custody of Child Protective Services.

The legal status of the accused adoptive parents, if they have sought legal counsel and their situation remains undetermined. Currently, they are detained at the South Central Regional Jail in Charleston, West Virginia, each held on a bond amounting to $200,000.