West Island’s first female semi-pro soccer team holds tryouts in 2020

“The Pierrefonds soccer club has been at the forefront of youth soccer development for many years,” said Technical Director, Valmie Ouellet. “It is only logical to see now this evolve all the way to the semi-pro level with a team that will comprise many homegrown talent.”

The Lac St-Louis region includes a vast territory, including the Outaouais and Montreal’s West Island. West Island's first female semi-pro soccer team

Pierrefonds Soccer considers it crucial that a Semi-Professional presence is available for West Island communities. Once players reach a mature level, Pierrefonds Soccer has a role in offering various opportunities. Some of these opportunities include the highest local level in which to play, offering a unique experience for local talent. Making the club West Island’s first female semi-professional soccer team in the PLSQ (Première ligue de soccer du Quebec).

Tryout dates for Pierrefonds’ 2020 female PLSQ team will be announced on Pierrefonds Soccer’s website and social media in the coming future. Season tickets, as well as individual game tickets, will be offered to watch the best players in the province play against one another. Giving West Islanders the chance to watch a professional team close to home, and get young players who aspire to reach the highest level possible, inspired by local talent!

More information and details will be shared as the club approaches the inaugural season in 2020. For more information please send your questions and comments to info@soccerpierrefonds.ca.

About the Club


The Pierrefonds Soccer Association (PSA) is dedicated to playing a predominant role at all levels of the Canadian soccer landscape, from the recreational to the competitive and Elite levels.


For members looking for a recreational experience in our local communities, our social goal is to foster a welcoming, enjoyable and safe environment within which participants of a variety of ages and skill levels can practice the sport of soccer. Pierrefonds Soccer is focused on playing a role in the social and physical activities of athletes, both young and old, in the community.

For members looking for a competitive experience, Pierrefonds Soccer’s goal is to offer a player path based on the world-renowned, scientific-based Canada Soccer Long Term Player Development (LTPD) Pathway as a developmental foundation tool.
In addition to utilizing the LTPD model, Pierrefonds Soccer’s philosophy and deployment of the Elite player’s journey is a methodology developed with the aid of the prestigious Spanish Club “Valencia CF”. This methodology is the tool used for a unique and wholesome approach related to the development of a complete “person / player”. This approach’s goal is to create an environment that fosters, in a balanced way, both the athletic development and distinguishable quality traits required of a player participating at the highest level of competition.



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