West Islanders turn fabric company into medical gown manufacturer



In typical proactive Canadian style, Alex Petizian and Kendrick Martin have teamed up to supply resources to those on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis. Naizil Inc and E-Cargo Tarps made the leap from manufacturing engineered fabrics and load covering systems to joining the efforts to combat COVID-19.

Kendrick Martin
Kendrick Martin

Martin and Petizian have been doing business together since 2015 and during their first meeting figured out that they had something in common – both attended Loyola High School. Since then, they have been supplying the transport industry with load covering and securement solutions. Petizian’s company, Naizil Inc., supplies the engineered textiles manufactured in Bolton, Ontario and Martin’s company manufactures the tarp and installs the system on the trailer in St Hyacinthe, Quebec, with distributors across North America.

Alex Petizian

“We supply engineered fabrics for many industries, one of which is the transport industry. A few years ago we had developed a textile that can be used for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), explained Petizian in an interview with the West Island Blog. 

“We teamed up with, E-Cargo Tarps, to develop a PPE gown to help the professionals working at the front lines of COVID-19 fight. Naizil provides the material, called TUBE12; and E-Cargo Tarps complete the gown assembly. The gown is called The E-Defender 1000. The product is
100% Made in Canada and available to ship right away.”

Both companies dedicated their efforts to lead this humbling project. Petizian and Martin both have siblings in the medical field who are at the front lines of COVID-19 efforts on a daily basis. They both describe their desire to do their small part in helping their communities at this time of crisis and acknowledge the daily sacrifice health professionals make to ensure our safety.

“My desire to help during this crisis is deeply rooted in the belief that it is our moral and ethical obligation to assist each other,” Martin said. 

Petizian adds “We have combined our strengths and hope we can make a difference.”

Petizian grew up with love for hockey in Kirkland, playing for Lakeshore Hockey Association. He earned a hockey scholarship to St. Lawrence University, and recently completed Graduate Diploma at John Molson School of Business.

Martin, a serial Entrepreneur, a Professional Chemist and Professional Engineers, holds degrees from both McGill University and John Molson School of Business, in Biochemistry, Engineering and Business. 

Both companies are deemed essential and continue to work at this time and are prioritizing their activities to support COVID-19 related initiatives. 

“Naizil and E-Cargo Tarps have dedicated, talented and passionate employees that are committed to making a difference. Said Kendrick Martin. We hope that the E-Defender 1000 will help save lives!” 

Alex and Kendrick are always open to new partnerships and ideas. If you would like to join their efforts, feel free to contact them. 

Alex Petizian, alex@naizilcanada.com

Kendrick Martin, km@e-cargotarps.com 


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