West Island Women’s Shelter raises $200,000 for victims of domestic violence



“I left my so-called perfect life, I was living in a big house, driving a luxury car and travelling three times a year,” explained a victim of conjugal violence and client of the West Island Women’s Shelter (WIWS). “Until one day, I had had enough of the emotional, verbal and mental abuse. That day I left my house with one piece of luggage, a stroller and a two-year-old in my arms. I didn’t even have a spoon. Believe it or not – he took the stroller back.”

More than 21,000 calls have come in over the 24/7 crisis hotline, 838 applications for admission, 201 women, and 255 children were housed from 2014-2018. The center took more than 6,000 calls this year from distressed women in the community.

West Island Women’s Shelter 2019 Pumps and Pearls gala raised a staggering $200,000.

The annual gala brings together the community for an elegant evening of networking, awareness and support to those in need. As alwWest Island West Island Women's Shelter Gala 2019ays, the community stepped up to push the drive to obliterate domestic abuse. The event raised $200,000 through ticket sales, sponsorships and a touching call out to adopt a heart campaign.

About the West Island Women’s Shelter

The WIWS’s mission is to warmly welcome women victims of conjugal violence without any judgment. The Shelter provides a haven for women and children in need of support. The Shelter promotes social, economic and political equality.

The WIWS believes that women and children victims of conjugal violence are not responsible for the abuse, that women have the right to autonomy, respect, and freedom. The Shelter helps women gain control over their life through solidarity between women, equal relationships and defence of their rights.

The West Island Women’s Shelter helps hundreds of women and children every year, whether it is to offer Shelter, counselling or help in leaving an abusive relationship. As Global’s Gloria Henriquez explains, for some women, finally finding a place to turn can completely change their lives.

Should you or someone you know wish to contact the WIWS please visit www.wiws.ca or call 514-620-4845.


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