West Island Women Set to Present at REC – Montreal’s Creator Convention


If you ask kids what they aspire to be when they grow up, a likely response these days is “I want to be a YouTuber”. Montreal is a hub for creatives and YouTubers that fall under the umbrella term of “content creators”. These individuals are sharing photography, music, art, video and inspiration through a variety of social media platforms.

YouTubeMTL is a thriving community of content creators that count a number of West Islanders amongst their members. They will be hosting a creator convention in the heart of Montreal on September 22. REC is a one-day conference that offers interactive panels, activities, workshops and creative labs designed to enrich your experience in this ever-expanding social media universe.

REC, which stands for Realize, Educate & Create, is an opportunity for artists, entrepreneurs, or influencers to bring their unique and creative ideas to life and share their vision with other like-minded individuals.

Jennifer Selinger is born and raised in DDO. She is a proud West Islander and plans to raise her family here one day! At a young age, she knew she needed to expand her horizons and began travelling and leading volunteer trips. She is now a TV host, photographer, video journalist and professional world traveller. She is a content creator who has made travelling and social media her full-time job. At REC Jennifer will be sharing her tips for Instagram.

Aiesha Robinson is an alumnus of Lindsay Place High School. At the age of 18, Robinson was diagnosed with the skin condition Vitiligo. Through her determination to overcome depression and spread positivity she founded Born To Rise. The organization provides individuals with the tools and support needed in order to overcome a variety of obstacles. Robinson is a published model, public speaker, social influencer and spokesperson for spreading Vitiligo awareness. She will be on a panel discussing cyber-bullying and negativity on social media.

Pointe Claire native Alison Hewitt of Alikona Fitness helps people who feel overwhelmed with fear and self-sabotage create a balance beam for meeting fitness and lifestyle goals. She will be getting the day started with a Flow Movement Session.

Beaconsfield mother and daughter entrepreneurs Mimi and Heather Boyd (aka Mimi B Dolls and Heather Boyd Wire) will be at REC as attending creators. They are long-time volunteers at YouTubeMTL and will be available to answer your questions and welcome to you to the event.




Early Bird prices until August 20. For more information: www.recmtl.com For more information about YouTubeMTL: www.youtubemtl.ca


  1. Am 74 and still do not know what I want to do when I grow up as there are just a lot of interesting things still to do. Just bought a soda blaster to clean wood furniture with as it is the best way to strip then seal. So, just look forward to life and experience everything that you can and never stop learning new ideas and talents.


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