West Island vocal group will donate proceeds of upcoming show to special needs education program


The Lester B. Pearson School Board (LBPSB) Co-operative Education Program is delighted to announce that Spectrum Voices has agreed to donate the proceeds from their two upcoming concerts towards an educational program for young adults with developmental delays.

About the educational program

The LBPSB Co-operative Education Program offers young adults with developmental delays the extra time and resources to gain the educational and life experiences needed to obtain and hold regular jobs and develop the independence the students require to lead fruitful and autonomous lives.

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In today’s educational system, there is not enough funding available for extracurricular activities such as trips and outings that are integral to the LBPSB Cooperative Education Program for teaching social skills, travel autonomy, and so much more.

About Spectrum Voices

Spectrum Voices is an 11-member vocal group centered in the West Island of Montreal. Their diverse collection of songs will take you back to the big band era, to the music of the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s to today. With songs in both English and French, and arrangements both a cappella, and keyboard, guitar, and bass and drums you can expect a fun-filled evening from Spectrum Voices in support of this great cause.

Their concert “A Lyrical Scrapbook” will be held on Friday May 12 and Saturday May 13 at 8PM, at Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Beaconsfield. Tickets are $20 and may be purchased online at the Pearson Educational Foundation website.West Island vocal group will donate proceeds of upcoming show to special needs education program, Rhonda Massad, West Island Blog, West Island News

By partnering with the members of Spectrum Voices, the LBPSB Co-Operative Education Program hopes to raise enough money to adequately fund activities like the end-of-year trip, the purchasing of extra classroom supplies, weekly outings and much more. The support of the community means the world to the students involved in the LBPSB Cooperative Education Program and could significantly influence the extracurricular involvement of these students.