West Island Palliative Care 15th Holiday Campaign offers customized ornaments


By Rhonda Massad

Each year the West Island Palliative Care Residence (WIPCR) dedicates their Christmas campaign to angels in our lives in honor of a favorite volunteer at the residence named Clarence.

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Clarence was part of a volunteer team made up of 250 individuals who, every year, give their time to help the residence. This collective effort represents close to 20,000 hours of work and ten full-time positions.

“Clarence walked into my office at the West Island Palliative Care Residence,” said co-founder Teresa Dellar, “He said simply that he wanted to help. For the next 12 years, he was by my side helping, in whatever manner he could. Clarence took care of others. He was incredibly kind, patient and understanding. He was everyone’s angel at the Residence. An angel on earth and now an angel in Heaven who watches over us.”

Donors can remember and honor a special angel by purchasing a personalized Christmas ornament; $100 for a standard personalized ornament, while a $250 will get you a Crystal ornament, personalized with an engraving of your choice.

West Island Palliative Care Residence to provide round-the-clock nursing care to the terminally ill patients. Since opening 12 years ago, the Residence has cared for more than 2,700 patients and helped 10,000 family members face the end of life with pain and symptom management, counseling services and emotional support.

To help WIPCR continue to provide the exceptional care we are known for, please support their campaign by visiting their website: