West Island Paint Nite brings out the artist in us all


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By Ashley Gosselin

Moe’s Bar and Grill on St. Jean was alive with drinks and painting on March 30. Jessica Di Giacomo, event coordinator and licensed Paint Nite host, brought a fun and original painting experience to the West Island. Painting and drinking, what else can someone ask for on a night out? Jessica led the group through a series of steps to complete a beautiful painting while her husband, Daniel took pictures of the class and caught candid moments throughout the night, posted later on Facebook.

“This is a stress free zone,” Di Giacomo stated before the start of class, “We’re here to have fun, everybody is an awesome painter!”

The class was filled with people enjoying themselves while letting their creativity shine through. The dynamic duo really made sure everyone felt at ease and ensured a great time. Students were guided through a basic painting project where they laid down the first layer of acrylic paint and were lead down the artistic path to a final take home moonlight scene which they were free to take home.

Paint Nite is an exciting outing for those who are looking to do something creative while they drink or are just looking for something different to do as an outing. Everything is provided for you from smocks to paint to a canvas, you don’t have to worry about anything. From first time artists to experienced Picasso’s, Jessica’s way of teaching was accessible for everyone to give it a shot and come out with their version of a masterpiece.


  1. What a great crew I met at the Topaz on 1st April, my first painting and now I am hooked… Mika and Céline (spelling?) were so kind and very impressive… smart too… I will certainly recommend the Paint nite and I am booking all my Saturdays…. Thanks to both artists…
    Carolyn Deme


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