After the success of last year’s toy event, The West Island Mission is looking forward to another year with a similar outcome… happy parents & happy kids. On Dec 7th parents will come out to the “toy giveaway” and choose toys for their children.

Once again, there will be a wrapping station available to parents, allowing them to wrap the gifts and keep things a surprise for their family holiday celebration. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? That being said as you can imagine, it will take many volunteers to make this event a success. Scroll down for all available volunteer dates and times for this event!


As in previous years, each child between 0-17yrs will receive a new toy. The West Island Mission is asking for your help as they are expecting around 500 children to be registered. December 7th will come quickly and in order to have enough toys for all the kids, they will need to have all toy donations into their warehouse by Friday, November 29th.

Please do not wrap gifts but consider donating wrapping paper or a gift bag along with your gift as families will have the opportunity to wrap their gifts at the event. Below is a list of age groups/genders that are most needed as well as gift ideas. We ask that the price be between $10-30. There will be three categories of gifts and families will have tickets to “spend” using more tickets for larger items and less for the smaller ones.

The BIGGEST NEED is for girls aged 8-12, boys ages 8-12, babies UNDER 1 year & teens.

Here are some gift ideas:
GIRLS 8-12:
– Anything crafty (the Style Me Up brand at Walmart and/or Winners or the Totally Me brand at Toys R Us have a great variety of fun craft kits for girls in this age bracket)
– Nail polish, lip gloss, hair accessories, coloured gel pens and fun writing pads, pretty much anything from Ardene’s, etc.

BOYS 8-12:
– Board games for older kids (Top games for kids in this age category are Wits & Wagers, Pandemic, Forbidden Island, Resistance, Dominion, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, King of Tokyo, Castle Panic, Cranium, Apples to Apples, Settlers of Catan, Word on the Street, Taboo, Risk, etc.) – Lego/MegaBloks-our most requested/chosen item (be sure the box says that it’s for ages 10+). Tabletop games are also very popular (miniFoosball, mini hockey or mini soccer, etc.)
– Sports balls (soccer ball, basketball, football, etc.) and professional team caps.

BABIES UNDER 1: Anything in the toddler aisles at Toys R Us or Walmart, just pay attention to the age on the box and make sure it does not say 2 or3+

TEEN GIRLS: Accessories (ie. jewellery, hair clips, nail polish, purse, scarves, fun socks, etc. – anything from Ardene’s at Fairview!), slippers and/or fun bathrobe, lotion and/or body spray, etc. from Bath and Body Works or the Body Shop, board games (Cranium, Taboo, Scategories, etc.), gift cards (cinema, Ardene’s, Itunes, etc.)

TEEN BOYS: Sports balls (basketball, football, etc.), professional team apparel (i.e. jerseys, t-shirts, caps, touques, etc.), tabletop games (ex. mini air hockey, available at Walmart for $20-30, mini foosball, etc.), skateboards, board games (Risk, Carcassonne, Dominion, etc. – Tour de Jeux at Fairview has a great selection!), gift cards (cinema, itunes, etc.)

DO NOT NEED – boys or girls ages 3-7. That is except if they are lego or dolls (particularly dolls of color). Those two things are very popular and we could always use more because they are chosen first.

So there you have it. If there is something that has caught your eye, or your heart, in the areas listed below, please contact Wendy Gariepy at and she’ll get you hooked up with a team.



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