Due to Premier Legault’s call to cancel all indoor events with numbers greater than 250 people, Quebec’s Bishop has decided to cancel all weekend masses until further notice.

For those looking to their Faith during this uncertain time, there is still the possibility of attending services thanks to a few tech-savvy churches.

St-Luke’s Parish will offer the following live stream masses on their website:

Sunday 9:00 am (English)
Sunday 10:45 am (French)
Sunday 2:30 pm (Spanish

St-George and St-Joseph Coptic Orthodox Church offer a live stream of their daily liturgy on their YouTube channel.

And Westside Gathering will live stream their Sunday gathering at 10:30 AM on their Facebook page.

Even though weekend masses are cancelled, these establishments continue to rely on the generosity of the community. Please consider dropping off a contribution or donating on their respective websites.


  1. I think the Chum hospital should take better care to protect the volunteers, and staffs. I saw many workers used the wash room , don’t wash their hands and walk out.Some have terrible cough and not covering their mouth. Could you imagine this individuals taking care of sick patients.


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