West Island resident, Marina Perugini, has been sewing around-the-clock to make cloth face masks for frontline workers. In collaboration with her mother and neighbour, Perugini has been hard at work, producing an astounding 475 masks from her home.

Marina Perugini models one of her masks

A design student at LaSalle College, Perugini has been channelling her talent and skills to helping her community.  She is part of the Facebook group Stay At Home Make A Mask. The group was formed during the COVID-19 pandemic to gather those who wanted masks with those who make masks.  From healthcare workers to residents in the community who want masks can find them in this group.

With the recent announcement by the Federal Government that citizens to wear face masks, this initiative comes at a time when our community and frontline workers need it most.

“Like the rest of the population right now, I had been feeling very overwhelmed with the state of the world. Even though staying home and self-isolating was more than enough, I still felt like there had to be something that I could do to help. Having studied fashion design, I’m a long way from having any sort of medical expertise. However, my 3 years there taught me one thing, if nothing else; sewing! This was my weapon against Covid-19. The one thing I could do.”
– Marina Perugini


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