Knowing that all local community organizations will be financially impacted by COVID-19 and the demand for their services will increase significantly in the coming days, weeks and months, West Island Community Shares set up a West Island Solidarity Fund. In less than three weeks, the Solidarity Fund raised over $150,000 thanks to the generosity of West Islanders, as well as major donors including the Trottier Family Foundation, Pfizer Canada, Centraide of Greater Montreal, Desjardins Ouestde-l’Île, and Merck Canada.

The West Island Solidarity Fund has been set up not only to provide financial support to meet the immediate needs of the community, but it will also give community organizations the possibility to plan ahead and get their teams ready to provide adequate support during the difficult months ahead.

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Most of the 41 community organizations supported by Community Shares have very little resources to fundraise, and even less to fundraise during these difficult times. The Fund will help support organizations whose expenses may not be covered by the different government programs announced in the past weeks. The goal is to ensure that crucial services are available for West Islanders who need them during these difficult times.

But the fight isn’t over…

“We are amazed by the community support. We are so grateful to all individuals who donated to the Fund as well as to our partners for helping our community in such difficult times. Although we are beyond touched by the response so far, we need the public to continue supporting the West Island Solidarity Fund.” Sophie McCann, Executive Director of Community Shares.