West Island Community Resource Centre (CRC) Launches New Mobile Information Project for Vulnerable and Isolated Seniors


“CRC Mobile” is a new Information and Referral project that aims to improve the quality of life for isolated and vulnerable seniors in the West Island. Working in partnership with the community, a CRC Mobile worker will reach out to isolated seniors and facilitate direct links with relevant community resources.

Isolated seniors  are often unaware of the many  programs and support services available  in the West Island. Over 30 seniors support services operate locally, spread over 130 square kilometres. This myriad of specialized support agencies can be difficult to navigate for a senior with no existing network in place.  CRC Mobile will be the bridge  that helps West Island seniors connect with and access relevant  programs and supports.

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The CRC recently received funding from the Ministère de la Famille (ITMAV program *) to develop and implement this regional project.  The project is designed to go beyond traditional methods of information and referral by offering one-on-one assistance in a location convenient for the senior, including their home.

Seniors will be referred to CRC Mobile by agencies and individuals in direct contact with isolated seniors. The  CRC Mobile worker will develop individualized Resource Plans that directly  link vulnerable seniors to relevant community programs and be available for follow up as needed.
*Initiatives de travail de milieu auprès des aînés vulnérables

About the West Island Community Resource Centre:

Established in 1983, the CRC is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving individual and collective well-being in the West Island. We provide information and referral services, publish specialized resource guides and support the development of the West Island community in collaboration with community partners.