West Island brother hopes to locate twin before he dies – last seen in Sunnybrook area


West Island Blog has been asked to assist in locating Stéphane Brodeur, twin brother to Eric who does not have long to live. Stéphane was last seen in the Sunnybrook area.


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Here are the details:

We, the Bélisle family, are desperately looking for our nephew, Stéphane Brodeur. He is approx. 5’8″, 49 years old and looks very much like his brother (pictured above).


His twin brother Eric is very sick and may not live past a few months which is why we are so desperately looking for him.

We know that he lives in the DDO area because he was spotted at the Couche Tard on Sunnybrook boulevard and at Euro Marche. His girlfriend’s name is Liz.

If anyone knows his whereabouts or contact information, please let us know.

I can be reached by email at carole.munro@sympatico.ca or you can call Francine at 514-962-4335.

Thank you!

Carole Munro/Bélisle on behalf of the family

Stephane Brodeur
Eric Brodeur (left) and Stéphane Brodeur (right). Photo taken about 20 years ago.