West Island branch of Meals on Wheels serves up 43,000 a year


They are the unsung heroes of our community

Quebec National Meals on Wheels week,  highlights the hard work and dedication of more than 850 volunteers on the West Island, averaging age 72, who deliver more than 43,000 meals to those in need each year.

According to Shelley Hayden, Coordinator, Volunteer Outreach for Volunteer West Island that oversees the Meals on Wheels program all the work is done by the volunteers.

“From shopping to menu planning to identifying those in need,”  Hayden explained, they do it all.”

Meals on wheels runs its operation out of the 13 rented or donated kitchens on the West Island, mostly out of churches and community centres in Lachine, Dorval, Beaconsfield, Saint Anne-de-Bellevue, Pointe Claire, Pierrefonds, Roxboro and Kirkland.

“These are the unsung heroes of our community,” Hayden said proudly, “they are a humble group and like to remain anonymous but they need to be thanked for all they do. They deliver meals but they also deliver a smile and sometimes the smile is more important than the meal.”

Hayden says often times the meal delivery is the only interaction an isolated person will have in the day or week.  They are in need of volunteers from all areas of the West Island.  Kitchens prepare the food for delivery on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week. To get involved or make a donation consult http://www.volunteerwestisland.org .




  1. Attention: Jackie, Dorval – Meals On Wheels
    Re; Schedule : October Thursday 25th, 2017 – Dorval Branch.

    Good Afternoon Jackie,

    I would like to Inform You, that I am Not Available on The Above Mentioned Date, As Scheduled.

    Please Accept My Apologies for Any Inconvenieced Caused.

    Enjoy Your Weekend.

    Rhona Lawrence
    (514) 636-5252


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