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Treeazin pesticide applications for prolonged lengths of time – is this the answer?

Tree Azin Beaconsfield EAB Emerald Ash Borer
Despite warnings by Health Canada not to leave TreeAzin applicator injectors unattended, some were detected in Beaconsfield in July.
By Rhonda Massad

In the early 1900’s there was the chestnut blight, an exotic pathogen that altered the hardwood forest forever. A few decades later Dutch elm disease, an exotic pathogen carried by the exotic bark beetle, terrorized majestic elms …

Tower of London remembers with more than 800,000 handcrafted poppies. Lest we forget.

West Island News, West island Blog ,Rhonda Massad

By Simon Kent

 LONDON – One Canadian soldier. One poem. One sea of poppies lives on.

In May 1915, during the Second Battle of Ypres, Major John McCrae witnessed a friend fall in battle.

The Canadian military doctor and artillery …

Beaconsfield Councillor not convinced on the long term impact of Tree Azin on the environment

by Rhonda Massad

In their February, public council meeting the city of Beaconsfield voted to puchase more than $400,000 worth of Tree Azin, a class four bio-pesticide, to ward off the emerald ash borer (EAB) attack on ash trees. More …

8925 individuals of the Southern West Island’s population live under the poverty line, TQSOI report shows

“The Portrait is the first step to moving the community to a better place” Holmes states.

by Rhonda Massad

The Table de Quartier Sud de l’Ouest de l’île (TQSOI)  launched the long awaited Portrait of the Population of the Southern …

As luck would have it the Emerald Ash Borer will be munching on other trees not just Ash trees

Emerald Ash Borer takes our Ash Trees

By Rhonda Massad

Repeated application of pesticides over 15 to 20 years can’t be good for the environment.

As cities across the West Island and pretty much everywhere prepared their 2015 budgets many have included an extra amount to be …

WIPCR’s Teresa Dellar found a void, filled it

Ian Bos, Teresa Dellar, West Island Palliative Care Residence., Kirkland Teresa Dellar, TC Dellar, Brigitte GArceau
Teresa Dellar founder of West Island Palliative Care Residence throws a great Pyjama party

By Rhonda Massad

Dollard resident Teresa Dellar is the executive director and co-founder of the West Island Palliative Care Residence (WIPCR). She is grateful to have had her family’s support since 1998 when she started out on her journey …

Beaconsfield council votes itself 39% salary hike

Beaconsfield tax take goes up

by Rhonda Massad

At Beaconsfield’s regular public meeting on December 16, mayor and council notified taxpayers that they intend to increase their own salaries, early in the New Year. Pending a unanimous vote to approve the hike, the mayor’s salary

Owners highlight holes in Angell Woods plan “Zero development deprives seniors, poor of housing”


By Robert Frank

Suburbanites’ battle to save trees in their back yards ran square against demand for sustainable development during the past week, in urban planning hearings at Montreal city hall.

The two main owners of development land in …

Bob Benedetti remembers

Former Beaconsfield Mayor Bob Benedetti

by Rhonda Massad

Flying officer Bob Benedetti signed up to the Canadian Air Force in 1956 at 19 years.  He was a licensed  pilote and wanted to fly more so it seemed like a perfect plan. What followed was two …

Beaconsfield studies it’s waste management

Beaconsfield studies waste management

by Rhonda Massad

As Montreal landfills reach capacity and the provincial government applies pressure, municipalities are being forced to address organic matter that will no longer be accepted in landfills. Strategies vary from city to city but all with the …

Beaconsfield EAB bylaw allows inspectors on private property

EAB Tree Azin Injections in Ash Tree
Injection of Tree Azin in an ash tree

‘We don’t abuse the privilege,’

Director general Patrice Boileau

By Kevin Woodhouse

In order for the city of Beaconsfield to correctly assess the number of ash trees within its territory, the city’s new emerald ash borer (EAB) bylaw allows …

To treat or not to treat…the ash trees – The question facing every municipality

By Rhonda Massad

The relentless emerald ash borer (EAB) insect has been found in several West Island communities. The struggle for every city and borough has been to develop a strategy to limit the devastating impact of the EAB …

Emerald Ash Borer brings Beaconsfield residents out to city hall

Emerald Ash Borer takes our Ash Trees

by Rhonda Massad

I attended the Emerald Ash Tree town hall meeting in Beaconsfield last night.  There was a short presentation about the deadly emerald ash borer that will wreak havoc on tree canopies across the country over the next …

Rhonda’s West Island round-up



By Rhonda Massad


The Slightly Incredible fundraiser


Pointe Claire resident Mike Vallée’s Slightly Incredible fundraiser went out in style! This was the fifth and final edition of the event, which raised $10,600 for West Island …

First BRCA support group to open in Montreal

by Rhonda Massad

The first Montreal based BRCA support group has opened will open it’s doors and will meet once a month on Tuesdays, starting October 14, from 7 to 9 p.m., at the YM-YWHA on Westbury Ave in …

Quebec rejects Beaconsfield’s Angell Woods resolution

By Robert Frank

The Suburban has learned that the province turned down Beaconsfield’s request to protect private land in Angell Woods from development under Quebec’s Sustainable Forest Development Act (SFDA), soon after the city sent it’s request to Quebec …

Baie d’Urfé resident wants report on styrene plant safety

By Rhonda Massad


Jean-Pierre Themens has asked the Baie d’Urfé to disclose the results of its independent engineering assessment of the StyroChem plant in the town’s industrial park, about 200 metres from his home.StyroChem has been making expandable …

Merger disillusion reshaping Montreal politics

By Rhonda Massad

Ten years ago, 19 former Montreal suburbs bought into the bigger is better vision. Today, those same boroughs see smaller as better and are rushing toward the exit. In contrast, the 15 demerged municipalities have learned …

Angell Woods’ landowners speak out

It is always important to hear both sides of the coin – Here is their letter to Your Local Journal newspaper:

We recognize that there are many differing perspectives on what has happened, and what still needs to happen, with …

Bourelle outlines spending on Angell Woods

Perron: Cost could top $1.5 million
By Robert Frank
Mayor Georges Bourelle provided a breakdown of how much Beaconsfield has thus far spent it its bid to buy up land in Angell Woods, during the June 16 council meeting.

Pointe Claire’s Lumen plans move to Laval

By Rhonda Massad


Quebec’s largest distributor in electrical material is moving their head office and distribution centre to Laval with an investment of $100 million.


Currently located in Pointe Claire, Quebec, Lumen plans to build its new …

Beaconsfield wants to protect Angell Woods


One of the land owners says Bourelle “switched positions” on development
By Kevin Woodhouse
The city of Beaconsfield passed a resolution at its April council meeting seeking for two portions of land on Angell Woods to be protected by the

SPCA West Division unofficially opened in Vaudreuil

1514598_507022162741187_547502632_n.jpg The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) quietly opened the doors of its West Division unofficially last month. The SPCA new branch will offer much relief to its overburdened Montreal and Valleyfield divisions. According to chairman Pierre Bourbonnais, …

Topeka Zoo Mourns Tragic Death of Beloved Ostrich due to Ingested Keys

In a heartrending incident, the Topeka Zoo & Conservation Center in Kansas mourns the loss of its cherished friend, a five-year-old ostrich affectionately known as Karen. It was confirmed on Friday via a social media post from the zoo, that …

Disney Tech Whizz Aaron LaBerge Appointed CTO at Penn Entertainment

Aaron LaBerge, after proudly holding a number of high-profile technology positions in the Walt Disney Company for over two decades, has embarked on a new journey. As the newly appointed Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Penn Entertainment, LaBerge is set …

Shiba Inu Network Back Strong After Temporary Outage, Cryptocurrency Positioned for Bullish Trajectory

In a recent development, Shiba Inu blockchain architect, Kaal Dhairya, confirmed that a temporary outage that had assailed the Shibarium network has been effectively rectified. The service disruption, due to networking complications amongst the validators, briefly caused a rippling effect …

Bitcoin Breaks $66,000 Barrier, Eyes $72,000 Resistance Zone

The price of Bitcoin recently experienced a surge, surpassing the $66,000 resistance zone, demonstrating a promising outlook. The leading cryptocurrency is likely to encounter potential bids hovering around $65,500.

This digital asset quickened its pace, breaking through the formidable barrier …

Harrah’s Columbus Casino Set to Ignite Nebraska’s Gaming Scene Next Month

The much-anticipated Harrah’s Columbus, Nebraska Casino, a divinely lavish gaming haven, has been authorized to open next month by the Nebraska Racing and Gaming Commission. This good news was joyously delivered on Friday when state gaming regulators gave Harrah’s Columbus, …

Koin Mobile Accuses Casino Giant Everi of Suppressive Actions Against Cashless Gaming Competitors

In a peppering of accusations designed to rattle the gaming industry, digital payments upstart, Koin Mobile, has pointed a significant finger of blame towards casino supplier juggernaut, Everi. Koin Mobile alleges that Everi is callously wielding its dominant market position …

Ethereum Soars as Mystery Whale Buys $405M Worth of ETH Coin

In an intriguing turn of events, a mysterious financial entity recently emerged, catching the attention of the cryptocurrency world. Known as an Ethereum “whale” for the enormous amounts of cryptocurrency it transacts, this new player has been stealthily acquiring a …

Veteran Coach Lindy Ruff Returns to Ignite Sabres’ Playoff Renaissance

Returning to Buffalo almost a decade after his ignominious exit, Lindy Ruff is set to rekindle old fires as he takes helm once more as the head coach of the city’s beloved ice hockey outfit, the Sabres. Seventy-six years old …

Bitcoin Miners Strike $107 Million Jackpot Amid Profit Realignment

Spectacular fortunes have been uncovered in the vast digital landscape of Bitcoin mining, with miners recently hitting a striking jackpot of $107 million in profits. This remarkable financial coup, gathered on April 20th, evokes the pronounced switch from mining rewards …

Brazilian Stock Exchange B3 Launches High-Demand Bitcoin Futures

In a groundbreaking debut, B3, a Brazilian stock exchange, recently launched Bitcoin futures, marking an audacious stride in the Brazilian financial markets. This monumental event, which transpired on April 17, witnessed an outpouring of demand from avid cryptocurrency enthusiasts, indicative …