The West Island Black Community Association (WIBCA) scholarship applications are now open!

WIBCA posted on Instagram this Thursday announcing that their scholarship applications are now accessible via their website, They are advising students to “check out the eligibility criteria noting there have been some adjustments made allowing more students the opportunity to apply.” The eligibility criteria details are available to view through the application link above.

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WIBCA states that “the purpose of the scholarship awards is to recognize students with strong determination and commitment to higher education, and to assist students who have overcome adversity.”

If you have any injuries, contact The West Island Black Community Association at .

General Information about the West Island Black Community Association:

“The West Island Black Community Association (WIBCA) is dedicated to extending its programs for the benefit of all, regardless of ethnic origin, color, gender, religion or race, and to be integrated as a vibrant part of society by continuously increasing the participation in our programs to reach more youths, adults and seniors. We seek to relieve loneliness and isolation, educate the public on health issues, various cultures and multiculturalism and operate as drop-in centre for youths, providing counseling, educational and recreational activities in a supervised setting.”