The West Island Black Community Association (WIBCA) will be hosting its 3rd Black History Month networking event on Saturday, February 29, 2020. The event entitled “One’s Passion, One’s Vision, Their Stories” will be held at the Gerry-Robertson Community Center.

“The black community is brimming with so many gifted professionals spanning a wide array of industries,” says Kemba Mitchell, Chairperson of the West Island Black Community Association. “WIBCA feels extremely privileged to be able to offer this networking event, which we have segmented into youth and adult sessions. The youth segment is geared towards fostering an environment of mentorship, where interactive activities allow them to explore the different avenues presented by the panellist. As for the adult segment, it will largely consist of a Q&A session enabling audience members to ask questions about industries and professions they may not otherwise be exposed to. By providing this platform, not only do we aim to afford these professionals increased visibility within the community at large, we also hope that the stories shared will positively affect all those in attendance. Even if just one person leaves the event inspired, we’ve done our job.”

About the West Island Black Community Association (WIBCA)

Founded in 1982, the West Island Black Community Association – a non-profit organization and registered charity – is dedicated to extending its programs for the benefit of all, regardless of ethnic origin, color, gender, religion or race, and to be an integrated, vibrant part of society by continuously increasing the participation in our programs to reach more youths, adults and seniors. WIBCA seeks to relieve loneliness and isolation, educate the public on health issues, various cultures and multiculturalism and operate as a drop-in centre for youths, providing counseling, educational and recreational activities in a supervised setting. For more information, please visit


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