New West-Island home bakery Decadent Dough serving mouth-watering cookies

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By Allie Theodore

No one can say no to cookies. Not only are cookies one of, if not THE most comforting treat, they are wildly nostalgic for many. Whipping up a batch of cookies is sometimes challenging if you are not an avid baker, and most of the time Mr. Christies just doesn’t do the trick. Our sweet tooths leave us longing for those ooey-gooey home-made cookies that are just so hard to perfect in our own kitchens.

Luckily, we have a baking extraordinaire right here in the West Island! I am lucky enough to know Athina Lappos, and when she told me about her latest venture, Decadent Dough I was the first to volunteer as a taste tester and quickly became a huge fan! Athina is genuinely as sweet as the cookies she serves up. Decadent Dough offers cookies for order in a variety of flavors; Nutella stuffed, cookies and cream, triple chocolate and the list goes on… My favorite of all are the Nutella stuffed! These cookies are highly addictive, and their Nutella center is truly unique and unlike anything I have ever tasted before!

The best way to describe these cookies are crispy on the outside yet soft on the inside no matter what flavor you choose (yes, I have tried them all!). Is your mouth watering yet? I know mine is. The name Decadent Dough fits these treats so well! They are far beyond any cookie you have ever tasted and those of your wildest imagination. For my avid foodies, these are easily compared to and in my opinion far more delicious than the famous cookies from Levain bakery in New York City. After tasting Decadent Dough once, I simply try and always find an excuse to order them just so I can have some more. These cookies are so truly delicious that they are a great alternative for birthday cake, a great option for your next party, pot luck or simply for when you feel like spoiling yourself or someone you love (note to all: cookies are always better than roses, I repeat…ALWAYS!).

Athina’s passion for baking is translated in every treat she makes. Each time I have brought these to a party, or a friend’s home they are the first thing to disappear and the only thing any one seems to be talking about! I could talk about them endlessly, but to truly understand my sheer delight for these treats you must try them yourself. Your taste buds will thank me!!

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Instagram: @decadentdough.mtl



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