West Island Assistance Fund wins $1,000 in Neighbours 4 Neighbours Food Drive Desjardins Contest


by Rhonda Massad

More than 1,000 people gave of their hearts to those in need at the November, Neighbours 4 Neighbours Food Drive in Beaconsfield, many of whom boarded the Desjardins mobile branch to peruse the new bus but also to choose a  charity who would be the recipient of  $1,000 from Desjardins.
Out of the ten charities available, all worthy causes on the West Island, West Island Assitance Fund (WIAF) won this year’s votes.
“This money is greatly appreciated and will go directly to winter camp sessions for the children,” WIAF Executive Director Claudine Campeau explained. “In recent years we simply did not have enough funds to be able to offer the children this opportunity. “
WIAF was in the midst of preparing food baskets to be given away during the upcoming season.
“Every family that receives a basket or monthly food allocations from WIAF must first provide the necessary paperwork needed to qualify for the donation,” Campeau continued. “Every month recipients go submit their proof of address and revenue.  We only serve those on the West Island.  It is a strict policy.”
The West Island Assistance Fund’s (WIAF) main activity is to supply food to those in need on the West Island and distribute more than $300,000 worth of goods and services annually.
This Christmas they will again be distributing toys to parents for them to give to their children as well as distributing more than 600 Christmas baskets to local families.
“At this time of year we always have extra needs,” Executive Director Claudine Campeau explained, “the toy event is not like other toy donations.  We let the parents choose a brand new toy to give to their children on Christmas morning themselves. It is difficult to explain to a child why Santa did not visit their house; this gives parents one less thing to worry about.”
If you have clothing, food or toys you would like to donate, please contact Claudine Campeau at 514-683-0456 or visiting WIAF website at http://fdoi.org

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