West Island Assistance Fund will distribute toys for parents to give on Christmas morning


The West Island Assistance Fund’s (WIAF) main activity is to supply food to those in need on the West Island and distribute more than $300,000 worth of goods and services annually.  This Christmas they will again be distributing toys to parents for them to give to their children as well as distributing more than 600 Christmas baskets to local families.

“At this time of year we always have extra needs,” Executive Director Claudine Campeau explained, “the toy event is not like other toy donations.  We let the parents choose a brand new toy to give to their children on Christmas morning themselves.”

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Campeau hopes for the community to donate generously again this year.  New toys for children from birth to 10 years old is the focus of the toy event.  WIAF can offer income tax receipts for toys purchased in any amount but needs the store receipt as proof of purchase.

Campeau has noticed a decline in second-hand items since the inception of the blue donation boxes.

“Since the blue box started, we do not get as much as we did in the past and we need non perishable food, used clothing, toiletries and furniture for those in need in our community.”

WIAF is willing to pick up food, clothing and furniture donations in the West Island area. According to Campeau they often assist those who are staying at the women’s shelter. 

“Women who arrive at the shelters more often than not arrive with nothing but the clothe on their backs,” she explained.

WIAF is also looking for a storage location of about 800 square for the upcoming holiday season. 

“We lost the location we had been using.  It is where we sort and organize the non perishables that we receive at this time of year.”

More information can be had by calling Claudine Campeau at 514-683-0456 or visiting WIAF website at http://fdoi.org .