West Coast Club CEO Trevor Nisbett to Step Down After Grim Season


As the sun sets on one of the grimmest seasons of the West Coast club’s storied history, a beacon of change is on the horizon. However, this transformative shift doesn’t originate from the coaching bench but rather from the boardroom. Trevor Nisbett, the much-admired long-term chief executive of the club, has declared he will disembark from his role at the end of the upcoming season.

Despite the tribulations on the field, Nisbett, as the club veteran and stalwart, has pledged to abide by his commitment until his tenure’s termination. His impending departure stands as the first significant personnel alteration in the ephemeral era of the Eagles’ reconstruction.

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It would be remiss not to acknowledge that the 2023 season brought with it a heavy toll for West Coast. The club juggled five afflictive losses, each by more than 100 points, thereby finishing at the base of the AFL ladder. Capping off this bleak record stands the disheartening fact that the club has only cinched five victories in the last two seasons.

Yet, just a month prior, amidst the whirling winds of chaos, the club’s board stood as a united front. Together, they defended Adam Simpson, giving him the nod of approval to continue in his capacity as senior coach.

The winds of change have been invoked by club chairman Paul Fitzpatrick, who passionately stated emphatically that the time was ripe for the transition within the upper echelons of the club management. Alongside these sentiments, Nisbett confirmed his choice not to vie for re-election for the pivotal position upon the expiration of his tenure in October 2024.

To find the worthy successor to Nisbett, who has attended his quarter-century long service and shaped the Eagles’ trajectory since 1989, an extensive external hunt is anticipated.

“No one has painted as impactful a legacy on our club as Trevor, to whom we owe a profound debt of gratitude,” Fitzpatrick asserted. “However, it is time to sprout new leadership and prepare a circuit of succession. The hunt for the next CEO commences, understanding that Trevor has no aspirations of extending his tenure.”

In addition to his tenure, Nisbett’s contributions, specifically guiding and aiding the transition for his successor, will perpetuate until the baton has been passed on. Filling Nisbett’s shoes is indeed a formidable endeavor; Patterson anticipates a thorough and diligent search.

West Coast’s off-season changes have also embodied the appointment of Mathew Inness as the high performance manager, a significant rise from his erstwhile role as head of sport science and physical performance at the Western Bulldogs since 2015.

The injury-ridden seasons of 2022 and 2023 saw the departure of former fitness lead, Warren Kofoed, marking the commencement of this chain of changes. However, West Coast’s own Will Schofield contested his exit publicly, deeming him undeserving of carrying blame for the club’s on-field crisis, reflecting warmly on a decade under Kofoed’s regime and the lack of injurious incidents.