Weekend House Fires Displace Families in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick


A series of house fires created turmoil in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick over the past weekend.

In Lawrencetown, a single-storey house on Main Street was engulfed in flames early Monday morning, as per Chief Mike Stoddart of the Lawrencetown and District Volunteer Fire Department. Responding to the call at 6:30 a.m. Monday, firefighters found the house to be empty and thankfully no injuries were reported. However, the structure was completely consumed by the fire.

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Casting an expert eye over the aftermath, Chief Stoddart surmised the fire likely originated from the exterior of the house. Firefighters managed to swiftly contain and quell the blaze. The cause of this fire will be further deciphered by Nova Scotia’s fire marshal in the days to follow.

In a separate incident over the border, New Brunswick bore witness to two separate house fires which resulted in two families, each of six members, being displaced from their homes near Apohaqui and Fredericton.

In one of the incidents, a mini-house situated on Anderson Drive near Apohaqui was consumed by fire on Sunday. The Canadian Red Cross promptly stepped in, providing a mother, her three children, her brother and her father with temporary housing.

The subsequent fire occurred on Saturday afternoon in Hanwell, just a few kilometers west of Fredericton. This unfortunate incident resulted in a family of six, comprising four adults and two children, being displaced. The Canadian Red Cross confirmed that these victims are currently residing with relatives.