Webcam Livestream Saves Distressed Hiker in Alaska National Park


Battling harsh weather conditions, a beleaguered hiker trapped in an Alaska national park had his pleas for help seen via a webcam used for livestreaming local bears, according to the non-profit group,

Eagle-eyed users on the organization’s website were observing a bear from the wildlife camera when they noticed the distressed hiker at Dumpling Mountain in Katmai National Park and Preserve. Viewers detected the pleas for help after the individual appeared at the camera lens offering a disconcerting thumbs-down sign, explained. This distress signal was quickly followed by the individual audibly asking for help a few moments later.

Upon receiving this information, the staff at acted swiftly, alerting park rangers to the hiker’s predicament. Responding promptly, a search and rescue team was dispatched by the National Park Service. The hiker was reportedly contending against formidable winds and rainfall, compounded by low visibility. But, after a few hours of grueling search, park rangers were able to locate the unscathed hiker and ensure his safe return.

It has been stated by, which operates a live nature cam network and a documentary film channel, that the hiker stayed put at the webcam’s location till aid arrived in the form of park rangers.

“Thanks to our dedicated bear cam fans and heroic rangers, our Bear Cam just saved a hiker’s life!” the organization opined in a post that did not specifically name the social media site it was shared on. They celebrated the spirit of cooperation that made the rescue possible. also released a video footage showing the man’s trek in front of the camera through heavy rainfall and striking up a conversation with the device. Subsequently, the rescued hiker can be seen marching alongside two individuals confirmed as park rangers by an representative.

As part of a commitment to privacy, the organization’s spokesperson noted that the identity of the hiker would not be disclosed. Interestingly, they added, “This marks the first time our cameras have been instrumental in a search and rescue operation.”

Katmai National Park and Preserve, the scene of this remarkable rescue, is distinctly remote, inaccessibility by car, and located over 250 miles southwest of Anchorage.


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