Web3 Epic Challenge Raises the Bar with $50,000 Gaming Quest Panorama


In the fast-paced world of the Web3 industry, where surprises are few and far between, the OGCommunity team has managed to raise the bar. They’ve launched an ambitious quest for gamers that eclipses all prior endeavors, christened the Web3 Epic Challenge. This unprecedented gaming quest, boasting a handsome prize pool of $50,000 USDT and an anticipated reach of 25 million users, is set to ignite intrigue and stimulate conversations across the Web3 realm, and potentially, even traditional gaming circles in 2024.

This landmark event has attracted notables from the Web3 and GameFi industries, including the likes The Sandbox, OGCommunity, Hello Pixel, MemeFi club, Hexacore, Terminal, Xyro, WorldShards, ZarGates, and TweetScout. The contenders will pit their wits against each other, battling it out to complete fascinating and adrenaline-pumping tasks to win their share of the prizes. The organizers have hinted at the challenge’s high difficulty level, but the equally high-reward prizes and substantial payout at multiple stages promise an intense competition.

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Champions will be crowned and rewarded based on their leaderboard performance. The main honor of $5,000, $3,000, and $2,000 will go to the top three performers respectively, with additional prizes being doled out to those ranked within the top 50, 100, and 250. The lottery will award other significant wins, including $10,000 for the first place, $5,000 for the second, and $2,500 for the third, along with some other additional windfalls.

Beyond the tempting USDT payouts, the projects are pouring additional prizes into the mix. The OGCommunity is distributing 100,000 lootboxes filled with NFTs, Hexacore offers a Golden AGO Pass along with a series of other passes and tokens, while The Sandbox is presenting unique Avatar NFTs, exclusive NFT drops, and badges. Other fascinating prizes from Hello Pixel, MemeFi club, Terminal, ZarGates, Xyro, WorldShards, and TweetScout add further depth to the reward pool, elevating the stakes for this gaming quest.

The curtain rises on this thrilling odyssey on May 21 at 12 UTC, and remains open for a full 30-day stretch. Players can enter the quest space on Zealy and immerse themselves in the gaming challenges. The quest will unveil a mix of simpler tasks tied to social networks and more riveting trials that are rooted in gaming activities. Partaking in the second set of activities will unlock more prizes which will subsequently be distributed among quest players.

So gear up for an unmatched adventure laden with enticing tasks, grand prizes, and the opportunity to be part of the most talked-about gaming event of the year starting May 21, 2024. Players have 30 days to bask in the excitement, compete, and stand a chance to claim a piece of the substantial $50,000 USDT prize pool, along with tokens, NFTs, and myriad other prizes across all projects on Zealy.