We2 networking brings in official from facebook to speak


By Rhonda Massad

We2,Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange, has grown in membership over the past ten years of its existence but it has also grown in speaker potential. With 65 women (20 on the waiting list) packing the upstairs reception room at Ossiano,  in Kirkland last October 28, the success of this networking initiative by founder Sarena Miller was clear for all to see.

Amal Gayed of Facebook captured the interest of the local entrepreneurs with her talk on the how to optimize the use of Facebook for small businesses.Sarena Miller, We2, West Island, Rhonda Massad, Facebook, West Island Blog

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“The tools are limitless with more than 22 million people using the service in Canada. People tend to check in with Facebook on average 14 times per day,” Gayed explained. “Facebook can reach pinpoint  interested customers with their ability to hone in on  profile specifications.”

Gayed touched on topics such as customizing your ad reach to garner more clicks that would ultimately mean more sales. She explained that the creative or photo that goes with a post is important because we are all competing for the attention of the viewer that has many posts to choose from every day.

“If the photo is bright and attractive chances are your reader will pay attention to it,” she shared.

Gayed pointed out that even though people do not always respond on their phones to an advertisement, they may have a tendency to go back to their interests once they are in front of a tablet or desktop.

Each month We2 members gather to network and learn from each other as well as guest speakers. Inspiration, motivation, ideas, and courage are shared amongst women who have been attending for ten years or who are trying it out for the first time.

The Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange is open to members and guests. For more information, please visit www.We2Network.com or contact Sarena Miller at smiller@networkingmontreal.com .