We have been taught to make money…not to manage it!


Do you really need financial coaching services?

• Do you find it difficult to follow a budget?

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• Do you want a better understanding of the financial jargon?

• Is the renewal of your mortgage a stressful operation?

• Do you Pay too much interests on your debts?

• Is your paperwork all over the place?

• Do you Know your real net worth?

• Are you terrified with the prospect of negotiating with the your bank manager?

• Would you like to be more free financially?

I can help you…

 Back in 1979 when women had been voting for less than 20 years, I was on the floor of the Toronto Stock Exchange learning the ropes of the trade. I fully understand how complex and overwhelming personal finances can be.

After working for over 30 years in the financial industry, I decided to share my experience by helping others.  As a Financial coach I am fulfilling my mission “to pass it forward”.

This experience has lead me through many wonderful experiences, as a stock trader, as a financial planner to name a few. 

Today I teach money management and have a private practice that aims to help people by coaching them to gain financial success and freedom.

I say “enough with the financial mumbo jumbo, let’s understand what we have and how to manage it all.”

The industry is over specialized and extremely complex which leaves us with a feeling of discouragement when trying to understand.

I believe that with a few key pieces of information, you will have a much better comprehension of your financial affairs and how the system works.

Organizing your financial situation

When the time comes to organize your financial pictures or plan a very special project or again, negotiating with the different professionals of the financial system, it is a judicious choice to seek advice from a financial coach.

Danièle Soaré will analyze your financial situation, will make recommendations in order for you to better your financial situation. She will also accompany you when hardships hit you like a debt restructure or when you are executing a will.

Danièle Soaré offers personalized financial coaching to respond to your specific needs.  Strong with over 30 years of experience in the financial sector, her global vision, her holistic and benevolent approach and practical recommendations will surely satisfy you.

Website: coachfinancier.ca

Email address: daniele@coachfinancier.ca

Contact information: 514-971-2888