Ways to Stay Fit When You Have Kids


A healthy lifestyle involves, among other things, a balanced nutrition, good sleep hygiene, healthy relationships that promote emotional well-being, and, of course, exercising. Parents serve as role models for their children, so maintaining an active lifestyle and scheduling physical training among day-to-day activities is important, not just because it helps with staying healthy and fit, but because it serves as an example for the younger family members.


Becoming a parent means that priorities change, responsibilities multiply and schedules get busier. It can therefore be challenging to fit working out into a daily routine, but it is certainly not impossible.


The key is to identify how you can conveniently fit physical activity into your schedule. A great objective is to also find ways to involve the entire family, when possible.

Time Management and Sharing Responsibility

Staying fit is important, so you have to be resourceful and find ways to make time for it.


Ideally, when caring for your children, you and your spouse will work as a team, sharing responsibilities and dividing tasks among each other. This way both of you can make time for working out.


A lunch break can be the perfect opportunity to go to the gym or you could start your day earlier, before the children wake up, and schedule a work out then. If you are not a morning person then perhaps an evening workout session might be a better option, but make sure not to schedule it too close to your bedtime.


You could also arrange playdates or sleepovers, taking turns with other parents in hosting them, thus freeing up some more time which can be reserved for working out.


Exercising when children are engaged in extracurricular activities is another strategy that could work, seeing how you might find a way to schedule sports practice for them and a workout for yourself, perhaps even within the same facility.

Working Out at Home

Working out at home means that you save time and money. You don’t have to worry about making it on time for a certain class, you can just work out when it is convenient for you. You also save time by not having to get to and back from the gym. Another important aspect is that  and you don’t need any expensive equipment to work out and you don’t have to pay for gym membership. Depending on their age, you can even engage the children in a light and fun workout, teaching them the importance of exercising and sharing some quality time with them.

Team Sports

Playing a team sport is a great way to stay in shape. You interact with other people and  when it’s time for practice you know you are in for a great time as workouts are never boring. Another benefit is that you can involve the entire family. You can teach your children the sport that you love and practice with them. What is even greater is that when you take part in a competition you can turn it into a family event. A great way to engage the little ones is to make them part of your cheerleading squad. You can come up with some witty slogans and you could even invest in some cheerleader costumes or customized T-shirts so that everyone is dressed for the occasion.

Staying Active

One effortless way of contributing to your overall health and fitness is to simply schedule outdoor activities with your children. You could go to the park, take a walk around the neighborhood or you could run while they ride their bikes. This way you get to stay fit without taking time away from your family, making sure that your young ones also develop the healthy habit of staying active.


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