Waterloo Region Unites for ‘Hunger No More’ Fundraiser, Targets Food Insecurity


The beating heart of Waterloo Region, the community rallies in support of an essential cause. In the pulsating center of downtown Kitchener, hundreds convened for the third annual Hunger No More fundraiser on a recent Sunday. All that attended, whether family, friends, or local vendors, stood in solidarity with Tiny Home Takeout’s impactful mission to battle food insecurity within the region.

Outreach coordinator Michelle Lantink shared with radiant enthusiasm, “We’re having a terrific day. Our purpose today is to gather funds that will enable us to provide quality meals to people in our community who truly need them.”

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Tiny Home Takeout, based in the amiable community of St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, makes it their duty to serve the unquenchable hunger of the needy with hearty calzones and daily meals five days a week.

“We’ve had to boost our distribution of food considerably,” conveyed volunteer Nada Offak with a tinge of urgency. “We must stay attuned to the situation, particularly in our bustling downtown community, from where this call for help has, and continues to, reverberate across the region.”

The organizers highlight a reality impossible to ignore – the accelerating demand from hundreds for a supportive, helping hand.

Expounding on the matter, Lantink outlined the stark numbers, “In the downtown core alone, we distribute around 700 portions daily. Additionally, we extend our service to various satellite locations where we cater to a different demographic, largely families.”

Commenting on the importance of the Hunger No More event, she expressed how the program heavily leans on public donations to continue delivering meals. The event’s significance is evident as it unites the community and the world of local food vendors, live bands, and silent auctions.

Reflecting on his personal journey, volunteer Kal Kotecha stated, “My association with Tiny Home Takeout is deeply personal as I myself battled food insecurity nearly 15 years ago. Now, I have the opportunity to contribute meaningously.”

Expressions of hope filled the air as the volunteers aspired to raise a financial windfall exceeding $100,000 through this year’s event.

“We’ve bloomed, we’re making our presence felt,” Offak declared. “A significant segment was still unaware of our existence. Consequently, we leaned heavily on social media and our generous vendors to boost the event’s visibility.”

Echoing the sentiment, Kotecha regarded the annual event as a testament to the community’s overflowing compassion and its unwavering resolve to root out hunger.

“It’s inspiring to witness this overwhelming response and the dedication of the outstanding volunteers at Tiny Home Takeout,” he said.

In the endearing spirit of service, Tiny Home Takeout extends an invitation to anyone in need of a meal, from Tuesday to Saturday, 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.