Waterloo Police Release Images of Burglary Suspect Amid Rising Break-ins


In a determined effort to solve a spate of overnight burglary incidents, the Waterloo regional police have made public images of an individual they wish to identify. The person of interest is sought in relation to an intrusion that took place in Waterloo, but specifically on Westcourt Place, on the dark hours of Sep. 15th.

The uninvited visitor reportedly gained access to the house through a back window, between the hours of 2 a.m., and 5 a.m, all while the homeowner was blissfully asleep. A collection of personal property, chiefly credit cards, were ravenously plundered from the scene. Evidently, the stolen cards served as illicit currency in multiple retail outlets shortly after the crime.

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The force hopes that by disseminating the photographic evidence, they can promptly “identify and engage in conversation with” the subject in question. Their press statement clarified that their intention was not to accuse, but to gather insights.

The Westcourt Place intrusion is unfortunately not a lone incidence. It forms part of a worrying pattern of nine break-ins reported across homes in Kitchener and Waterloo, all within a fortnight. An air of suspense hangs as authorities haven’t confirmed or denied possible connections between the series of security compromises.

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