Waterloo Police Identify Murder Suspect, Urge Public Caution


In a recent turn of events, Waterloo regional police have identified a prime suspect tied to the murder of 18-year-old Joshua Tarnue, while apprehending another individual linked to the situation. The young man’s life was tragically cut short in a shooting incident that unfolded outside a restaurant in downtown Kitchener on August 13th.

Authorities have now revealed that they are actively pursuing 20-year-old Habiton Solomon, a Hamilton resident, charging him with the second-degree murder of Tarnue. A warrant for Solomon’s arrest has been issued and is in effect across Canada.

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The police warn that Solomon is likely to be armed and poses a considerable risk to public safety. As Inspector Kyle Lambert of the Waterloo Regional Police Service said, “We presently don’t have a fix on Mr. Solomon’s location. We urge anyone with information on his whereabouts to contact us. Given the potential danger, we advise the public against confronting Mr. Solomon and insist they dial 911 immediately.”

Another 19-year-old man from Hamilton, whose identity remains undisclosed, was apprehended by authorities on the charges of manslaughter related to the case. According to the police, the investigation surrounding the homicide is still ongoing and it is anticipated that there will be more arrests and charges brought forth.

Investigator Lambert provided further insights into the investigation stating, “This is a result of relentless investigative effort since Mr. Tarnue’s death. We have been interviewing witnesses, piecing together surveillance footage, and it has become clear that multiple individuals took part in this heinous crime.”

As to the underlying motive behind the murder, the police were unable to furnish any details at this point. However, they anticipate that such information is likely to emerge as the legal proceedings surrounding the case advance. Amidst the tumultuous investigation, the police have voiced their gratitude towards Tarnue’s family, community members who stepped forward with information, and the local Liberian community for their unwavering patience and support.