Watchdog Looking Into Encounters RCMP Had With Man Who Led Police On 24-Hour Manhunt


The serious crimes unit (ASIRT) is investigating two instances in which police encountered a man in his late 20s in the prairies, Alberta. The encounters happened during a 24 hours manhunt starting early Thursday resulting in the death of the individual and a police dog.

ASIRT posted additional information on the matter in the previous week.

The report says the incident began around early Thursday. A man, 29, in a red Cadillac escapes a police routine stop.

Police Chief Superintend Kevin Kunetzki noted that they had been in pursuit of Lionel Ernest Grey in the Winagami Lake Provincial Park area because of unfulfilled warrants.

Half an hour later, another unit of the RCMP found the suspect’s car stuck in the mud and covered halfway with a blanket in Winagami Lake Park within proximity to Highway 679 and Range Road 175.

The vehicle was unoccupied but the RCMP found three calibers of ammunition and ID belonging to Grey.

More officers and a police dog were brought in to help with the search. The police dog, Jago, picked up Grey’s scent and led the unit east approximately 6 km, the ASIRT noted.

Upon locating the suspect, he opened fire and police responded. The police dog was hit and died on the scene. No officer was injured and police could not say if Grey had sustained an injury in the exchange.

The ASIRT was tasked with investigating the exchange because the officers had used their police-issue weapons.

Another unit of the RCMP’s emergency response unit was sent out to locate Grey. After a short search, they located him and an exchange ensued. Police believe he was hit in this shootout but escaped once again.


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