Vote virtually for West Island Cancer Wellness Centre can win $100,000


Because no one should go through cancer alone, the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre wants to reach out to people with cancer who can’t physically come to our classes because they are home-bound or in the hospital.

To make this possible, they entered the AVIVA Community Fund contest to win $100,000 for our “Reaching Out” live streaming program. “Reaching Out” would mean that anyone living with cancer who has a computer and internet access could register and participate in our classes from their home or the hospital. They could live right here in the West Island or across the country!

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WICWC’s submission is in the “Big Idea” category to win $100,000 – you can vote here.

Simply follow the link and you can cast up to ten votes for WICWC or anyone you like.

 “I’ve looked at the other submissions and I think ours is the only one that is West-Island based. The 10 big ideas with the most votes will make it to the Judging Round. Three will win $100,000 each and seven will receive a $15,000 consolation prize. Voting closes on October 4
th,” said Linda Thompson WICWC’s Marketing & Communications Coordinator. 

Other local organizations, The Bread Basket and LGBTQ are participating in the contest’s Small Idea category.