Volunteer West Island and Its New Partner CARING PAWS Reach Out to the West Island Community!


Volunteer West Island, a non-profit organization supporting the needs of volunteers and of community organizations requiring volunteer help, also provides community-based health and support services to seniors, delivering innovative programs through community partnerships.  With this in mind, VWI and Caring Paws Animal Therapy (CPAT, formerly part of Therapeutic Paws of Canada) have teamed up!

Through this partnership, a group of dedicated volunteers will now provide therapy dog and cat visits to various facilities throughout the West Island and surrounding community.  In recognition of the therapeutic bond existing between animals and people, this program is offered to those in retirement homes, hospitals, long-term care facilities, universities, CEGEPS, and other public facilities.

Research AND experience have shown that connecting with pets not only provide companionship and comfort, but can help reduce anxiety and agitation, stimulate conversation, improve reading skills, and decrease stress during exam periods.

This is a free service, although donations are welcome.  Receipts provided by VWI for donations of more than $10.

Interested in volunteering, or wish to request a CPAT visit at your community organization?

For more information about the VWI/CARING PAWS service, please call (514) 457-5445.

Communities that work together thrive, and their residents prosper!

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   It’s about time…time to help others        www.cabvwi.org


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