Volunteer West Island Giving Virtual Hugs in the Volunteer Hug Challenge


To celebrate our 50th Anniversary Volunteer West Island (VWI) is on a quest to recognize and showcase the amazing volunteers in the community. We want to say Thank you!
 and celebrate volunteers everywhere in the West Island so we’re kicking off this milestone anniversary with the Volunteer Hug Challenge! We hope their stories will encourage, motivate, and educate everyone on the important impact they have on our community.

Some Volunteers Are Furry with Four Legs

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Thank you, Soda, and Patricia Chau!

My dog, Soda, and I have been certified to do pet therapy for nearly four years. We are part of Caring Paws Animal Therapy (CPAT)”, writes Patricia Chau. “Soda gives me pet therapy every day since she came into my life, but more importantly, she has touched the many lives at the Montreal Chinese Hospital – the patients and staff members – where we visit once a month. When Soda enters a room, I see the patients’ faces light up.  It fills my heart with joy and I am reminded just how wonderful my dog is and how we were meant to help people through pet therapy!”

Twelve Years and Counting

Volunteer West Island HUGS Jane Toman!

A Volunteer at VWI for 12 years and counting! She’s done everything from Arts & Crafts to Income Tax clinics, and so much more! 

We thank you, Jane, for your ongoing dedication and enthusiasm.

Super Volunteer Maged 

Thank you, Maged – for all that you do! 

Maged Attallaa believes in giving back and for the past three years has been a dedicated volunteer with Volunteer West Island. He visits with seniors, cooks for them, is a group animator, helps with various fundraising events and office work with numerous organizations, including Vigi Santé Pierrefonds, The Tea Pot, Starlight Foundation, and Heart and Stroke Foundation. We are impressed with Maged’s commitment and inspired by his big heart.

Always Stepping Up to Make a Difference

Volunteer West Island HUGS Francine Thomson!

A woman with many talents, Fran has worked in the VWI office as receptionist, done the layout for VWI’s Volunteer Voice, visited with seniors in the PAIR program, delivered frozen meals, and helped with Income Tax clinics. She has also served as a volunteer and board member with Corbeille de Pain Lac St- Louis, and helped with fundraising in the community. The list goes on. Thank you, Fran, for your passion for volunteering and great contribution to our community.

Volunteer West Island’s mission is to facilitate volunteerism by recruiting, training, and referring volunteers to non-profit community organizations in the West Island.  VWI also helps seniors remain autonomous, breaking their isolation by developing and implementing social activities and services, including volunteer-driven programs such as Meals on Wheels and the Seniors’ Café.

The volunteers’ dedication and endless accomplishments are inspirational.  They help build a better community and improve the quality of life for all of us in the West Island.

For more information visit VWI’s Facebook page or www.cabvwi.org

Volunteer West Island

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